Mel McShay Breaks Down Evan Padget

And we don’t mean “Breaks Down” in the way that Ryan Farrell once broke Evan Padget down during a Bravo vs. Bird scrimmage during Padget’s college days.

‎”Johnny Bravo selected New Jersey native, Evan El Greco Padget with a mid round pick last season after a compelling and often controversy-filled career at Colorado. Padget goes 5’10” and anywhere between 145 and 190 depending on the time of year. Padget, began his career as a shaky handler where early on, coaches classified him as a psychological enigma. In his latter seasons, he developed into a rock solid handler in the middle of an ever changing lineup of quality players. A foray with gloves and a penchant for ill-advised anti-prophetic statements earned him headlines in the news over his career but his physical measurements were the best we’ve seen from him at the Combine. Evan led the combine with a 75mph forehand toss and in true Padget style, made headlines over his 0 score on the Wonderlic. Details have since come out that he answered none of the questions and instead left somewhat troubling rebuttals of almost every question with a detailed account of how his [fl]ick and forehand would answer the questions. Despite the many controversies, teammates and coaches have gone out of their way to praise Padget’s leadership and work ethic. Bravo took a risk drafting him but they’ve already realized substantial dividends on their investment, both on and off the field”

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