Bravo wins US Open

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Johnny Bravo won the first inaugural US Open this past weekend, capping off a great start to the season. Thanks to all the friends and family who came out to support the team!

Bravo Roster Updates

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Johnny Bravo recently welcomed several players to the team for the 2012 season. Check the roster page for the full team!

#13 Josh Anderson (Colorado College) (Photo by Amy Smith)

#13 Josh Anderson (Colorado College) (Photo by Amy Smith)

#22 Tim Beatty (UC Santa Barbara/Condors/Colorado)

#7 Ethan Gillett (Tufts)

#9 Parker Krug (Colorado/Bravo)

#12 Tim Morrissy (Colorado)

#28 Hylke Snieder (Colorado/Bravo/Sockeye)

Bravo is also honored to announce the following players currently running with Bravo:
Henry Konker (Colorado College)
Hidde Sneider (Colorado)
Dan Eppstein (Colorado College)
Matt Bubernak (Colorado)
Pawel Wiktor Janas (Colorado)
Todd Wolma (Colorado)

Tryout Weekend

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Bravo’s tryout weekend is coming up.  (May 19-20).  Please contact the Bravo captains for additional information.

‎”Jackson Kloor, a 4th year cutter out of Colorado has game changing speed and explosiveness. Showed inconsistent hands early in his career but has the upper body strength and quick feet to beat pressing man coverage. Will take advantage of a poaching defender, lose him for a second and he’s gone. Long strider with excellent top-end speed and it translates to film. Tracks the deep shot well and can adjust to it without taking his eyes off it. In recent years he’s shown the ability to elevate to get the disc with one hand. The use of gloves have greatly improved his confidence which has made him a very effective club player. He made waves at the Combine with exemplary showings in the 40 yard dash and broad jump as well as coach interviews where I’m told he showed tremendous character and love for the game. He’s truly lived up to his Showtime image, he’ll be that red flash blowing by defenders for the foreseeable future.“

Mel McMell gushes on McShane

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‎”Jack McShane, a 6’0” 170 lb handler out of Colorado is a rare combination of brash confidence and humble play. One of the more talented players on exceptionally talented teams his entire career, Captain Jack never received the national talk of some of his teammates but quietly has earned enough respect to be named captain of Johnny Bravo in only his 3rd season, his 1st out of college. Intelligent, driven and grounded. Takes well to coaching. Outstanding work ethic. Has developed into a very good leader. Knows when to push teammates and knows when to protect. Well-respected by teammates and a proven winner. Rare grasp of the offense, both micro and macro. Ideal mental and physical toughness. Hangs tough in zone O and unfazed by defender physicality. Can bounce back from mistakes. McShane was named in a number of anonymous magazine polls asking current players for the most frustrating person to guard. On D, he has shown the ability to guard both tall and short, speed and savvy, and despite being relatively young in the sport, is one of the more cerebral players in the game. No significant off the field issues, was reportedly involved in an altercation in a dive bar where he allegedly told a rival pool player to “suck the [expletive]” a number of times. Was recently featured in the Us Weekly “Just Like Us” section wearing sweatpants in a local Boulder restaurant.”

‎”Jimmy Mickle, a 6’2” 195lb 3rd year handler for Colorado is one of the more versatile talents the program has ever produced. Mickle possesses elite top-end speed and agility for position. Height plays a significant factor in how teams should prepare for him, while he’s widely considered a handler, his speed and jumping ability make him a high end receiving option as well. Mickle carries an average amount of bulk and can continue to get stronger,which he has done every year on Mamabird. He carries a smooth delivery, little bit longer than ideal but not a wind-up delivery. Overall he’s very smooth and relaxed and the disc explodes off his hand. His length also allows him to generate tremendous torque which makes him quite possibly the most prolific puller in the sport. He was the top finisher in this year’s Combine in pull hang time, pull accuracy, and vertical leap and scored high on the Wonderlic. In addition to his tremendous field acumen, Mickle’s reputation in the community is top notch which along with his sure franchise player status, will add to any organizations profit margin through gear sales.”

‎”Ryan Farrell,a 5’10” handler out of William & Mary who’s been described as a “tweener” has strong passing skills,violent hands and a great motor. Battles and holds up well against physicality. In the Combine, Farrell shined in the 20-yard shuttle and 3 cone drill and his up and under move has been described by many as “ungodly”. After taking just 3 years to graduate, Farrell was drafted early by PoNY before leaving as a free agent to Johnny Bravo. In Farrell,Bravo picked up a dependable handler capable of hitting the big shot or using his superior quickness to weave the disc down the field. Scouts first picked up on Farrell as a freshman on a William & Mary team that made the semifinals in 2002. Farrell’s aggressiveness, which borders on overbearing at times,more than makes up for his small stature. In 2009, Farrell was involved in 2 separate incidents on Boulder’s Pearl Street that had scouts questioning his character, but in recent years, his many community service projects and recent engagement have rehabilitated his image. His teammates respect him enough to have voted him a unanimous captain for the 3rd straight year.”

And we don’t mean “Breaks Down” in the way that Ryan Farrell once broke Evan Padget down during a Bravo vs. Bird scrimmage during Padget’s college days.

‎”Johnny Bravo selected New Jersey native, Evan El Greco Padget with a mid round pick last season after a compelling and often controversy-filled career at Colorado. Padget goes 5’10″ and anywhere between 145 and 190 depending on the time of year. Padget, began his career as a shaky handler where early on, coaches classified him as a psychological enigma. In his latter seasons, he developed into a rock solid handler in the middle of an ever changing lineup of quality players. A foray with gloves and a penchant for ill-advised anti-prophetic statements earned him headlines in the news over his career but his physical measurements were the best we’ve seen from him at the Combine. Evan led the combine with a 75mph forehand toss and in true Padget style, made headlines over his 0 score on the Wonderlic. Details have since come out that he answered none of the questions and instead left somewhat troubling rebuttals of almost every question with a detailed account of how his [fl]ick and forehand would answer the questions. Despite the many controversies, teammates and coaches have gone out of their way to praise Padget’s leadership and work ethic. Bravo took a risk drafting him but they’ve already realized substantial dividends on their investment, both on and off the field”

Todd McKiper on Clark Bishop

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‎”Clark Bishop, a 5’10″ 170 lb cutter out of Colorado by way of Cherry Creek High School in Denver is an explosive deep with outstanding speed and great readability. Clark joined CU as a walk-on out of Cherry Creek and excelled as a defensive specialist before earning a spot as an O line cutter in his 3rd year alongside current and former Bravo greats Beau Kittredge, Jolian Dahl, and Josh Ackley. This coincided with a seemingly overnight increase in muscle mass which had detractors talking steroids, those charges haven’t been substantiated and Bishop supporters have pointed to the fact that his cranial size while big, hasn’t grown with his increased body mass. At the combine, Bishop ran a blazing 4.6 in the 40 and put up 31 reps on the press. Some teams balked at the opportunity to draft him because his unwillingness to participate in throwing drills or the vertical leap but Johnny Bravo jumped at the chance to take him and have been rewarded with a top 10 talent goal scorer as well as a player who can generate Ds and neutralize speedy opponents.”

Time to go to work

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Suit up, men!!!

Pools are up!

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Johnny Bravo will face several familiar opponents next weekend (Oct 27-30) in the 2011 USAU Club Championships in Sarasota, Florida.  First up is the Santa Barbara Condors, a young team Bravo faced at the Southwest Regional tournament.  Then, Bravo will go up against Toronto's GOAT. Always an great matchup between those two teams!  Finally, Bravo will take on the 2010 defending national champions, San Francisco's Revolver.  The superteam out of the Bay Area features four former Johnny Bravo stars as well as several JAM playmakers.  It's going to be an exciting day of ultimate for Johnny Bravo fans!

Click here to follow the scores and be sure to subscribe to our twitter feed here for even more coverage.

Southwest Regionals Recap

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Johnny Bravo qualified for the 2011 USA Ultimate Club Championships this past weekend, defeating Tucson Monsoon (15-1), the Santa Barbara Condors (15-5) and San Diego Streetgang (15-9). Bravo battled through inclement weather and injuries to claim the team’s 8th straight regional championship. Because of playing field cancellations, the tournament changed format to go right into bracket elimination play.

Game 1: Monsoon – Tucson, AZ
Bravo’s first game was against Tucson’s Monsoon. The temperatures were in the upper 30s with light rain throughout. Bravo came out with suffocating defense and two big layout D’s from Tucson native Jeff Grobe and Gabe Stump kept Bravo’s intensity high as Bravo rolled to a 8-0 halftime lead. Monsoon seemed unable to complete swing passes as players routinely dropped or turfed 20 yard throws, allowing Bravo to quickly capitalize on Monsoon’s own mistakes. Bravo kept up the stifling defense, allowing just one point to make the score 14-1. Bravo’s offensive unit took the field and worked it down to the goal line where Steven Rouisse’s pass down the sideline to lead to a perfect backhand greatest by Joe Durst to Craig Forshee for the 15-1 win.

Game 2: Condors – Santa Barbara, CA

With Bravo’s first game finishing so early, Bravo had the opportunity to watch the Santa Barbara Condors take on Phoenix Sprawl. The winner would be our opponent in semifinals. Sprawl built up a small two or three point lead and then gave it up at the end as they were simply unable to work the disc past the Condors’ junky zone.  The weather had actually warmed up to about 50 degrees with the sun shining through by game time. Condors showed their transition zone and broke for the first point to go up 1-0. Bravo then worked to pick the zone apart before connecting on big cuts to Jesse Roehm and Clark Bishop to tie the game up. Bravo then earned its own break as the defense was able to limit the Condors’ deep game. Bravo built up a quick lead before the Condors struck back and then broke Bravo’s offense again to pull within 2. Bravo would score again and break to take half 8-4. The second half was all Bravo as Bravo’s defensive line rolled with great defensive stops all around.  Bravo pulled away to a 15-5 victory over the Condors.

Game 3: Streetgang – San Diego, CA
The weather on Sunday was much improved. Temperatures climbed to 55 degrees and no rain or wind. Bravo started on offense and the teams traded 1-1 before Josh Ackley got Bravo’s first D of the game with an acrobatic catch block. Intensity on the field was high as both teams were issued TMFs for sideline encroachment and aggressive marking. Bravo extended their lead after Streetgang’s huck sailed too far. Bravo would get more defensive stops from layout blocks by Jeff Grobe and Justin Salvia as Bravo worked hard to prevent Streetgang’s breakmark looks to force throws to the strong side. This strategy seemed to work as Bravo took another large halftime lead. Bravo broke Streetgang after half but Streetgang earned a break of their own after forcing several miscues in Bravo’s own territory. Clark Bishop played well for Bravo’s offense with several skies in Streetgang’s endzone. Perhaps after watching too much UltiVillage, Clark attempted his best Bart Watson imitation with a crazy scoober into a pack of Streetgang defenders. Jeff Grobe skied the pack to bring the disc down for a goal which put Bravo within reach of winning the game. At 14-7, Bravo made a defensive error which allowed Streetgang to put up an easy goal. Bravo’s offensive line would get broken before grinding out the last point to finish with at 15-8 win and Bravo’s 13th trip to the club championships.

Sectionals Recap

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Johnny Bravo advanced to the Southwest Regionals tournament on Sunday. The weather was bright and sunny with temperatures in the upper 70s-lower 80s. The wind picked up in the afternoon to make the temperature more bearable. Bravo was playing without S. Rouisse, J. Grobe, E. Pollack and J. Juszak. K. Doege and A. Mangan both had limited playing time due to injuries.

Game 1 – Inception Red
Inception Red is Inception’s development team with some young college players and recent college graduates. Bravo jumped out to an early lead as Inception Red had difficulty maintaining possession under pressure. Bravo wins 15-3.

Game 2 – No Name
No Name is one of two Colorado masters teams that elected to attend the club open sectionals event. No Name had difficulty connecting on their deep shots as Bravo defenders quickly made up lost ground to force turns and generate conversions. Bravo wins 15-5.

Game 3 – Inception
Inception is another Denver based club team and they’ve quickly developed into a talented team. Bravo broke first to take an early lead but Inception broke right back and we traded points until Inception broke twice to take half 8-6. Inception’s attack was led by Mike Kapoor and Andy Priester, who both played exceptionally well under pressure. Both Peter Gee and Alex Sapunov had some great hucks for goals. Bravo made some halftime adjustments and rattled off four breaks in a row to retake the lead 10-8 before Inception scored again to make it 10-9 Bravo. Bravo broke again but Inception fought back towards the end and the game ended on soft cap 13-11 Bravo.

Game 4 – Air Force
The last game of Saturday was against Air Force. The young college team was coming off a universe point loss to No Name. Bravo and Air Force traded to 1s before Bravo rolled to a 15-2 victory. Air Force struggled to move the disc past half without turning it over and their defense could not seem to force any turnovers.

Game 5 – Bravo, John, Esq.
This team is comprised of many former Johnny Bravo players who are now competing in the masters division. (Many of them also played with Boulder Gun Club this summer, taking runner up in the Grand Master’s Championship.) Bravo, John, Esq used a combination of savvy veteran moves and hustle to keep the score close before Johnny Bravo eventually pulled away to a 15-9 win.

Game 6 – Colorado College
Colorado College brought a small squad up on the second day. Colorado College had lost to Air Force and all the other teams so it was to our surprise that they traded with us in the first half. Most of their goals came from long hucks to #21 (Dan Eppstein?). Bravo took half 8-4 and made some adjustments to put an end to CC’s huck game. CC would score just one point in the second half as Bravo rolled to a 15-5 victory.

FINALS v. Inception
The finals were a rematch from Saturday’s close 13-11 game. The mixed division finals had just wrapped up (exciting come from behind win for Musteno) and the men’s finals had a small crowd as players trickled in to watch Bravo and Inception duke it out again. Bravo came out with much more fire and intensity than on Saturday that seemed to catch Inception off guard. Inception’s hucks trailed away in the wind and Bravo was able to work it in to gain an 8-4 lead. Bravo continued to play tough defense out of the half and forced Inception to throw turnovers on sideline traps and redzone sets. Things just seemed to be going Bravo’s way after Inception failed to convert a dropped pull in the endzone. Bravo allowed just two points in the second half as the team finished on a break to win 15-6.

Weekend Highlights:
Gloves (J. Ackley, D. Belsheim, C. Bishop, J. Cohee, R. Farrell, A. Gregerson, J. Kloor, E. Padget)
Bar Louie

USAU Series begins!

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Bravo's run to the national championship begins this weekend with the 2011 sectionals qualifying tournament at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado.  Scores will be posted here.  We'll also be tweeting throughout the weekend.

Bravo looks forward to good matches against Denver based Inception and the Bravo master's team Bravo, John, Esq. The top six teams qualify for the southwest regional tournament in two weeks.

Bravo Camping Trip

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Bravo returns from another successful camping trip…

Bravo rafting down the Colorado River

The storm is just beginning...

Wood up, stay high!

Labor Day Recap

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Top Row: Perl, Salvia, Kershner, Westbrook, Forshee, Krier, Richels, Juszak, Doege, Kloor, Mickle, Cohee, White, Rouisse, Gregersen, Padget Bottom Row: McShane, Mangan, Durst, Ackley, Grobe, Belsheim, Hughes, Pollack, Bishop

Game 1 – Doublewide (Austin)

We started out the day with a game against Doublewide. We came out with a lot of energy and we were able to get some defensive stops on Doublewide’s hucks, something we were unable to do at Colorado Cup.  Our offense played really well and didn’t have too many unforced errors. We pulled away at the end to win 13-8, but the win came with a bad loss.  An opposing player collided with Austin Gangel, which put him out for the season.

Game 2 – Sockeye (Seattle)

This was another high energy game which was very tight until the end.  Sockeye got the early break and kept a 1-2 point lead throughout.  Sockeye did a good job of controlling the tempo of the game (slowing the game down) and by bringing more energy on the sidelines.   Bravo was able to break back and was even on the verge of tying the game at 9s until Bravo forced a throw in the red zone and Sockeye converted to go up 10-8.  Hardcap sounded and Sockeye broke downwind to end the game 11-8.

Game 3 – Rhino (Portland)

Our last game of the day was against Rhino.  Rhino played a very conservative offense, different from what they’ve done in the past.  They also ran a pretty tight rotation with Seth Wiggins, Cody Bjorkland and Dylan Freechild  beating us on in-cuts consistently in the first half.  A timeout after the first couple of breaks did nothing to fire the team up, and Bravo went down 8-3 at halftime.   The second half saw some improvement with some actual defensive blocks and better positioning as we clawed back in the second half.  Rhino won 14-12 and would go on to take first in the pool by beating Sockeye.

Game 4 – PoNY (New York)

PoNY got the first two breaks of the game and both teams seemed to struggle on offense.  Bravo would score 2 breaks back only to get broken twice more as the lead seesawed back and forth.  PoNY took half and the teams continued to trade.  Bravo’s offense looked very stagnant as downfield receivers were looked off and handlers struggled to break the mark or dump and swing.  This gave PoNY the disc on Bravo’s own goal line about four times, which seemed to be the difference in the game.  PoNY definitely played as the better team and went on to win 13-11.

Game 5 – Cash Crop (Triangle Area)

Bravo hadn’t played Cash Crop before but we knew they beat Ring of Fire a week earlier so we were expecting another tight game.  Cash Crop seemed to favor a huck game, which didn’t work out for them as many of the throws were well under their target or out of bounds.   Our defense did a better job of converting on turns, but we still weren’t flowing on offense.  Bravo won 15-8.

Game 6 – Voodoo (Seattle)

Our last game of the tournament was against Voodoo.  We played down on the smaller lower fields which limited our ability to stretch the field.  Voodoo hung in the game until the end of the first half, where Bravo pulled away.  Voodoo didn’t give up though, fighting back from a 14-8 deficit to score three straight points before finally falling 15-11.  Not a good way to end the tournament.


Bravo had flashes of brilliance but ultimately did not achieve success because the team lacked a consistent offense.  Bravo’s red zone offense in particular needs the most work.

Come out this evening (Friday, July 15th) to watch Johnny Bravo take on NexGen Ultimate

What: High level ultimate
Where: The bowl at Pleasantview Field Complex in Boulder
When: 6:30, July 15th
Who: Johnny Bravo vs. NexGen
Cost: $5 at the gate to support NexGen: The traveling troupe of College All-Stars (including Bravo’s own Matty Zemel and Jimmy Mickle)

Wait, what? For more info, check out this article in the Daily Camera

Gun Club takes 2nd

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Boulder Gun Club took 2nd place at the USAU Grand Master Championship this weekend.  Gun Club was the predecessor to Johnny Bravo (see our History page) and includes many former Bravo players, including Bravo’s current coach, Bob Krier.   Congratulations to Bob Krier and the rest of Boulder Gun Club!

Practice Pics

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Eight players.  Eight different backgrounds. One team.

Eight players. Eight different backgrounds. One team.

Mickle and Cohee hustlin'

75 degrees and sunny at 7:30pm

2011 Roster Announcement

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Thanks to everyone who tried out this year.  This was easily the deepest amount of talent we’ve seen over the past several years.  Johnny Bravo is proud to welcome the following players for the 2011 season:

Karl Doege (Arkansas)

Austin Gangel (Kansas/CLX)

Austin Gregerson (Arizona/Barrio)

Ryan Heffernan (Michigan State/BAT) *Practice Player

Jake Juszak (Cal Poly/Condors)

Joe Kershner (Arizona)

Evan Padget (Colorado)

Dan Perl (Hamilton)

Ethan Pollack (Cornell)

David Popiel (Wash U/Bravo)

Jesse Roehm (Indiana/Madcow)

Owen Westbrook (Williams/Bodhi)

Gabe Stump (Colorado) *Practice Player

*** Johnny Bravo 2K11 ***
#20 Ackley, Josh
#17 Belsheim, David
#30 Bishop, Clark
#15 Cohee, Jeff
#8 Doege, Karl
#0 Durst, Joe
#16 Farrell, Ryan
#14 Forshee, Craig
#35 Gangel, Austin
#91 Gregerson, Austin
#9 Hughes, James
#56 Juszak, Jake
#77 Kershner, Joe
#24 Kloor, Jackson
#4 Mangan, Andrew
#5 McShane, Jack
#23 Mickle, Jimmy
#21 Padget, Evan
#27 Perl, Dan
#19 Pollack, Ethan
#44 Popiel, David
#3 Roehm, Jesse
#25 Salvia, Justin
#26 Westbrook, Owen
#12 White, Jordan
#13 Zemel, Matty
Heffernan, Ryan *Practice player
Stump, Gabe *Practice player

1. Ackley, Josh #20 Colorado

2. Belsheim, David #17 Air Force

3. Bishop, Clark #30 Colorado

4. Cohee, Jeff #15 Truman State

5. Doege, Karl Arkansas

6. Durst, Joe #0 Lewis & Clark

7. Farrell, Ryan #16 William & Mary

8. Forshee, Craig #14 Michigan State

9. Gangle, Austin Kansas

10. Gregerson, Austin Arizona

11. Heffernan, Ryan Michigan State

12. Hughes, James #9 Ohio State

13. Juszak, Jake Cal Poly/Condors

14. Kershner, Joe Arizona

15. Kloor, Jackson #24 Colorado

16. Mangan, Andrew #4 William & Mary

17. McShane, Jack #5 Colorado

18. Mickle, Jimmy #23 Colorado

19. Padget, Evan Colorado

20. Pollack, Ethan Cornell

21. Popiel, David Washington Univ

22. Richgels, Randy Wisc-Whitewater

23. Roehm, Jesse Indiana/Madcow

24. Salvia, Justin #25 Colorado

25. Westbrook, Owen Williams

26. White, Jordan #12 Colorado State

27. Zemel, Matty #13 Colorado

Johnny Bravo’s final tryout will be next weekend, June 18 & 19.  Email Joshua Ackley (ackleyjosh at yahoo dot com) and Ryan Farrell (rmfarr at tmail dot com) if you are interested or have any questions.

Jimmy Hughes

Johnny Bravo Merchandise is now available. All jersey’s feature the Johnny Bravo logo on Patagonia’s Capilene fabric, and are available in long or short sleeve. Sizes include small, medium, large and XL.

Black, Royal, Red and White

Short Sleeve: $28
Long Sleeve: $38

Also available:
Ultivillage Club Nationals 2010 DVDs: $25
Johnny Bravo Discs: $15

To place an order, please contact Clark Bishop at .

Colorado Cup 2011

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The Colorado Cup 2011 field is set.

Men’s Elite
Truck Stop
Johnny Bravo
Furious George
Madison Club
Sub Zero
Boost Mobile
LA Renegade

Men’s Open
Space City
YCC Cutthroat
Inception Red
Prairie Fire
Interesting Tummy Birds