The Men of Bravo – Jack McShane, #5

McShane lays out to save possession in the National Semifinals

Disruptive first-step quickness. Outstanding instincts — locates the disc quickly and is around it a lot. Very good body control, bend and balance. Developed huck defensive moves which allows him to play way above his height. Very explosive. Excellent pursuit — tracks down offenders from behind. Sacrifices his body and sells out around piles. Strike cuts with authority. Provides a high level of physicality, bangs with the big boys. Highly motivated. Played big vs. better competition. Can cover a large zone with ease. Highly competitive and energetic. Regularly was the focus of defensive game plans and still produced despite facing flat marks to attempt to stop his big hucks. ¬†Does not stand up well to the sun. Imposes his will in an argument, can play both sides with ease.