The Men of Bravo – Sean Keegan, #2

Keegan squares up to unleash a forehand

Outstanding size and length. Functionally strong to power through physicality. Boxes out defenders and is a big endzone target. Outstanding leaper with “above-the-rim” skills to go over top of smaller defenders and highpoint throws. Creates late, subtle separation. Tracks and adjusts. Makes contested grabs — attacks throws and outmuscles defenders in a crowd. Nearly unstoppable executing midfield throws in the cutting lanes. Strong, reliable hands. Very strong after the catch – breaks the mark or continues to streaking secondary cutters. Productive playmaker out of Delaware.  When not climbing the ladder and sitting on defenders, you’ll find Sean using the ice water that flows through his veins to seek out and fill emotional cracks in the opponent’s psyche, freezing them out until they burst in spectacular fashion.