The Men of Bravo – Owen Westbrook, #26

Westbrook gets ready to pull down a swing

Possesses prototype size and outstanding stature in the handler set to brush off the mark and keep plays alive. Stands tall and delivers the ball in the face of heavy pressure. Good field vision and release point. Good zip and accuracy on short-to-intermediate throws — can fit the ball into tight windows. Fine touch to drop hammers in the bucket — delivers a catchable disc with good anticipation. Senses pressure and evades the mark. Doesn’t take many unnecessary risks. Can extend plays with his legs downfield when leaving the handler set. Carries a sense of calm in critical situations. Records an 12 inch vertical REDACTED, which can get in the way while running but more than makes up for it with sheer moxie.  A true master of pendulum moment, he displayed fine touch, timing, accuracy and anticipation in combine throwing drills.  He’ll find holes in the defense but there are no holes in his spirit game; find him running the center of the Spirit Wall and ripping the disc with ease into the future for Johnny Bravo.