Bravo 2020

Denver’s Johnny Bravo stands with Black Lives Matter against systemic racism and police brutality in the US.

As predominantly white, middle class men we acknowledge our privilege and our responsibility to use that privilege to help. We recognize that in the past our team has fallen short in supporting teammates and our community in fighting against systemic racism.

With that in mind, Johnny Bravo is dedicating time this season to educating ourselves, and creating a framework to unite our team and our community in eliminating racism and systems of oppression. We recognize this will be an ongoing process of growth as we strive to become better leaders in the ultimate community and better citizens of our local communities.

We will be allocating money that we would have spent on the 2020 season towards local and national organizations promoting equity and diversity. These organizations are AYU’s One Team initiative, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, the Denver Scholarship Fund, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Additionally we will create a fund to help mitigate economic hurdles that have historically made paying for the club season difficult or impossible for Black, Indigenous, Latinx or Asian people wanting to play on Bravo.

We want to be as transparent as possible in our process of learning and working to be a part of the anti-racist movement. If you have questions about our process or ways you can help we are happy to share resources and information. We are here to listen, learn, and grow. We hope you will join us.

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