The Men of Bravo – Craig “Yeti” Forshee, #14

Forshee releases a low flick downfield in the 3/4 game from Club Nationals

Releases cleanly and accelerates into cuts. Outstanding athletic ability and receiving skills. Threatens every level. Advanced route runner. Pierces the cutting lanes and is a mismatch vs. man coverage — regularly bested downfield defenders. Terrific quickness, agility, balance and body control against large defenders and too powerful for small defenders. Catches cleanly off his frame. Makes tough grabs look routine. Wide catching radius. Catches on the move and quickly releases upfield. Excellent production. Has the full arsenal of throws to work in the backfield when needed.

By the numbers:

  • Called the Pale Adonis by teammates for his 12 pack abs
  • Wears 100 SPF
  • Regularly eats 60 Starburst in one plane flight