The Men of Bravo – Stanley Peterson, #22

Peterson marks Beau Kittredge in the US Open Final

Exceptional take-off speed, acceleration and closing burst. Makes plays effortlessly in back-side lateral pursuit. Outstanding recovery quickness to make plays (when he is out of position). Explosive striker. Can produce “wow” plays when he triggers quickly or releases cleanly and has developed a reputation for mentally removing good players from games.  Tremendous mark stifles even the best throwers.  Very opportunistic defender – often makes plays in the cutting lanes on players he is not marking.  Carries a strong ball hawking mentality.  Smizz (or Smitty) earned a PhD in ownage but skipped the classes on braggadocio.  Peterson’s stock has sky-rocketed in the last year, going from a strong role player on an outstanding Colorado team to receiving All-Region, Ultiworld 2nd Team All-American, as well as Defensive Player of the Year Honors.