The Men of Bravo – Nick Lance, #11

Lance loads up to unleash a rocket downfield

Has a very quick trigger and good wrist snap that translates to a smooth throwing motion and clean, compact delivery (little windup). Lightning release quickness. Urgent decision maker. Sells pump fakes. Athletic enough to slide in the backfield, give and go, and buy time with his feet while keeping his eyes downfield. Good anticipation — throws his receivers open. Can change ball speeds and drop it in a bucket. Does not take self-deemed unnecessary risks and will dump the ball. Will deliver the ball looking down the barrel of a gun. Tough-minded and poised in zone — can withstand hard contact and pop back up. Highly competitive. Smart and respected. Very durable, experienced, former club champion and Callahan winner. Good Ultimate intelligence.  This Georgia Tech product comes with Megaman-like arm strength and virility.