The Men of Bravo – Hylke Snieder, #28

Snieder splits one man in two in the 2012 US Open Final

Looks every bit the part with long arms (big wingspan) and large hands. Athletic marvel with raw explosive power and rare speed for his size. Is physically tough and will battle through injuries. Can collapse the field with ease and offensively, rag-dolls defenders (see US Open Final, 2012). Highly disruptive — creates a lot of pressure on the offense and flushes production to his teammates. Plays with leverage and power in his hands — converts speed into power and bulls receivers off their cutting lanes. Disrupts a thrower’s vision with long arms and can bat down discs. Seldom leaves the field. Flashes playmaking ability and can produce athletic feats in a category with few others before him. Versatile — lines up against anyone on the line and can win with strength, power, quickness and speed. Has the personality of a pleaser and does not like to disappoint coaches or teammates. Looked like a grown man in high school and has since graduated to a human specimen of mythic proportions.  Always at the forefront of fashion, Snieder also enjoys speed skating, eating fine cheeses, and hibernating.  Snieder will be coming down from the mountaintops to join Bravo in its quest for the double peak.