The Men of Bravo – Andrew Mangan, #4

Mangan skies a pack of players for a big D

Light on his feet with terrific balance. Sinks his hips with ease and pops out of breaks to separate. Tracks and adjusts. Quick hands with the disc. Good concentration, body control and boundary awareness. Runs like a gazelle, making up ground in a hurry. Shows creativity and vision after the catch. Unafraid to play in the tall trees. Highly productive as a defender before numerous injuries derailed his career. Confident and competitive, he is back and better than ever this season.  With Bravo’s influx of talent, Mangan won’t have to assume a heavy workload and can concentrate on making plays when he is on the field and maintaining his health.  Expect Mangan to once again be back amongst the premier defenders in Ultimate by season’s end.