The Men of Bravo – Ryan Farrell, #16

Farrell saves an errant swing pass in the National Semifinals

Instinctive and anticipatory. Advanced understanding from the back end — makes subtle adjustments and diagnoses pull plays. Steps downhill quickly. Outstanding overall production in all facets. Good competitive playing speed — runs as fast as he needs to. Very good Ultimate-playing demeanor — confident and opportunistic. Showed up in big games and made clutch plays (see World Games Final). Times up the bids very well and plays bigger than his size. Has contributed as a cutter and displayed good short-area burst on offense. Exceptional work ethic and leadership traits. Respected, vocal team leader with an infectious attitude that can unite a locker room. Has been extremely durable, especially given his size and playing style.  Marriage has helped him shed the lifestyle that led to missing most of 2008 with a smashed hand and countless smashed phones but he is still in the business of smashing an opponent’s spirit.  He practices and trains like he plays, just in less clothes.