The Men of Bravo – Evan Padget, #13

Padget catches a big goal in the Labor Day Finals

Well-versed operating a Krier-style offense and makes USAU-style progression reads. Is comfortable working from under vertical and in the split stack. Competent enough to read past the first wave. Good field vision, timing and anticipation. Very good short-to-intermediate accuracy. Throws with accuracy while being fouled — good wrist snap. Delivers the ball under duress. Has enough arm strength to fit the ball into spots. Consistent throwing mechanics — has a smooth stroke.  These talents weren’t natural, displayed a tremendous amount of improvement from college to club as a result of his work ethic. Good caretaker and decision-maker. Smart and articulate; well accomplished despite proclivity for detonating himself and everyone around him.  Bravo drafted Padget out of Colorado after a compelling and controversy filled career where he often came in from the offseason overweight, with a nicotine addiction.  Despite an offseason skiing injury which caused a late start to his season, Padget is hitting his stride (and maximum velocity) coming into the Worlds Ultimate Club Championships.