The Men of Bravo – Hidde Snieder, #7

Snieder catches one of his 12 goals

Exceptional Ultimate playing speed — can flat out fly and take the top off a defense. Has world-class track speed. Extends outside his frame and plucks the disc. Outstanding body control and agility. Tracks the disc well over his shoulder and is a natural hands-catcher who can make an average thrower look good. Possesses big-time playmaking ability and is very effective creating in the open field on isolation cuts and quick-hitting endzone strikes. Good burst out of his cuts to separate.  Detractors have called him a liability with the disc in the past but has stepped up his game in the past few seasons and really improved his throwing skills.  Showed incredible heart this past season playing with a debilitating foot injury.  Look for Mr 12 Goal, scoring and mumbling indignities that will have you questioning everything.  He’s the one with the sweet smile and sweeter buzz cut.