The Men of Bravo – Tim Morrissy, #12

Morrissy catches an upline goal in pool play at Nationals

Quick-twitch athlete with prototypical speed. Can mirror on a cut and shadow possession receivers. Terrific balance, loose-hipped, can spin in both directions confidently.  Quick-footed and agile. Smooth transition and change of direction. Flips his hips and has ample speed to carry cutters downfield. Plants and drives in a blink. Quick-handed on the mark. Excellent ball hawk with top notch body control to bid around receivers. Shows recovery speed. Stands up well to physicality and aggression. Feisty, does not hesitate to sacrifice his body. Displays good zone awareness and has experience in off-man. Extremely versatile, will transition from nickname to nickname with ease.  Goes by Carrot Tim, Air Tim, Bucket Hat Tim, The Kid, Applejack, etc…  Spinning prowess is unrivaled and carries a childlike wonder.  Exceptional teammate.  Drew criticism at the combine for controversial social media posts, posting queries regarding the viability of future fellatio.  Penchant for crispy bacon, acidic wine, and friendly women.