Sectionals Recap

Posted by Ryan On September - 26 - 2011

Johnny Bravo advanced to the Southwest Regionals tournament on Sunday. The weather was bright and sunny with temperatures in the upper 70s-lower 80s. The wind picked up in the afternoon to make the temperature more bearable. Bravo was playing without S. Rouisse, J. Grobe, E. Pollack and J. Juszak. K. Doege and A. Mangan both had limited playing time due to injuries.

Game 1 – Inception Red
Inception Red is Inception’s development team with some young college players and recent college graduates. Bravo jumped out to an early lead as Inception Red had difficulty maintaining possession under pressure. Bravo wins 15-3.

Game 2 – No Name
No Name is one of two Colorado masters teams that elected to attend the club open sectionals event. No Name had difficulty connecting on their deep shots as Bravo defenders quickly made up lost ground to force turns and generate conversions. Bravo wins 15-5.

Game 3 – Inception
Inception is another Denver based club team and they’ve quickly developed into a talented team. Bravo broke first to take an early lead but Inception broke right back and we traded points until Inception broke twice to take half 8-6. Inception’s attack was led by Mike Kapoor and Andy Priester, who both played exceptionally well under pressure. Both Peter Gee and Alex Sapunov had some great hucks for goals. Bravo made some halftime adjustments and rattled off four breaks in a row to retake the lead 10-8 before Inception scored again to make it 10-9 Bravo. Bravo broke again but Inception fought back towards the end and the game ended on soft cap 13-11 Bravo.

Game 4 – Air Force
The last game of Saturday was against Air Force. The young college team was coming off a universe point loss to No Name. Bravo and Air Force traded to 1s before Bravo rolled to a 15-2 victory. Air Force struggled to move the disc past half without turning it over and their defense could not seem to force any turnovers.

Game 5 – Bravo, John, Esq.
This team is comprised of many former Johnny Bravo players who are now competing in the masters division. (Many of them also played with Boulder Gun Club this summer, taking runner up in the Grand Master’s Championship.) Bravo, John, Esq used a combination of savvy veteran moves and hustle to keep the score close before Johnny Bravo eventually pulled away to a 15-9 win.

Game 6 – Colorado College
Colorado College brought a small squad up on the second day. Colorado College had lost to Air Force and all the other teams so it was to our surprise that they traded with us in the first half. Most of their goals came from long hucks to #21 (Dan Eppstein?). Bravo took half 8-4 and made some adjustments to put an end to CC’s huck game. CC would score just one point in the second half as Bravo rolled to a 15-5 victory.

FINALS v. Inception
The finals were a rematch from Saturday’s close 13-11 game. The mixed division finals had just wrapped up (exciting come from behind win for Musteno) and the men’s finals had a small crowd as players trickled in to watch Bravo and Inception duke it out again. Bravo came out with much more fire and intensity than on Saturday that seemed to catch Inception off guard. Inception’s hucks trailed away in the wind and Bravo was able to work it in to gain an 8-4 lead. Bravo continued to play tough defense out of the half and forced Inception to throw turnovers on sideline traps and redzone sets. Things just seemed to be going Bravo’s way after Inception failed to convert a dropped pull in the endzone. Bravo allowed just two points in the second half as the team finished on a break to win 15-6.

Weekend Highlights:
Gloves (J. Ackley, D. Belsheim, C. Bishop, J. Cohee, R. Farrell, A. Gregerson, J. Kloor, E. Padget)
Bar Louie

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