Labor Day Recap

Posted by Ryan On September - 23 - 2011

Top Row: Perl, Salvia, Kershner, Westbrook, Forshee, Krier, Richels, Juszak, Doege, Kloor, Mickle, Cohee, White, Rouisse, Gregersen, Padget Bottom Row: McShane, Mangan, Durst, Ackley, Grobe, Belsheim, Hughes, Pollack, Bishop

Game 1 – Doublewide (Austin)

We started out the day with a game against Doublewide. We came out with a lot of energy and we were able to get some defensive stops on Doublewide’s hucks, something we were unable to do at Colorado Cup.  Our offense played really well and didn’t have too many unforced errors. We pulled away at the end to win 13-8, but the win came with a bad loss.  An opposing player collided with Austin Gangel, which put him out for the season.

Game 2 – Sockeye (Seattle)

This was another high energy game which was very tight until the end.  Sockeye got the early break and kept a 1-2 point lead throughout.  Sockeye did a good job of controlling the tempo of the game (slowing the game down) and by bringing more energy on the sidelines.   Bravo was able to break back and was even on the verge of tying the game at 9s until Bravo forced a throw in the red zone and Sockeye converted to go up 10-8.  Hardcap sounded and Sockeye broke downwind to end the game 11-8.

Game 3 – Rhino (Portland)

Our last game of the day was against Rhino.  Rhino played a very conservative offense, different from what they’ve done in the past.  They also ran a pretty tight rotation with Seth Wiggins, Cody Bjorkland and Dylan Freechild  beating us on in-cuts consistently in the first half.  A timeout after the first couple of breaks did nothing to fire the team up, and Bravo went down 8-3 at halftime.   The second half saw some improvement with some actual defensive blocks and better positioning as we clawed back in the second half.  Rhino won 14-12 and would go on to take first in the pool by beating Sockeye.

Game 4 – PoNY (New York)

PoNY got the first two breaks of the game and both teams seemed to struggle on offense.  Bravo would score 2 breaks back only to get broken twice more as the lead seesawed back and forth.  PoNY took half and the teams continued to trade.  Bravo’s offense looked very stagnant as downfield receivers were looked off and handlers struggled to break the mark or dump and swing.  This gave PoNY the disc on Bravo’s own goal line about four times, which seemed to be the difference in the game.  PoNY definitely played as the better team and went on to win 13-11.

Game 5 – Cash Crop (Triangle Area)

Bravo hadn’t played Cash Crop before but we knew they beat Ring of Fire a week earlier so we were expecting another tight game.  Cash Crop seemed to favor a huck game, which didn’t work out for them as many of the throws were well under their target or out of bounds.   Our defense did a better job of converting on turns, but we still weren’t flowing on offense.  Bravo won 15-8.

Game 6 – Voodoo (Seattle)

Our last game of the tournament was against Voodoo.  We played down on the smaller lower fields which limited our ability to stretch the field.  Voodoo hung in the game until the end of the first half, where Bravo pulled away.  Voodoo didn’t give up though, fighting back from a 14-8 deficit to score three straight points before finally falling 15-11.  Not a good way to end the tournament.


Bravo had flashes of brilliance but ultimately did not achieve success because the team lacked a consistent offense.  Bravo’s red zone offense in particular needs the most work.

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